ForkLift 2.5.4

Fast and friendly file manager for Mac

ForkLift is a fast file manager with an attractive interface, which makes handling FTP uploads and downloads very easy. View full description


  • Dual pane view
  • Simple connection
  • Batch editing
  • New version is quicker than ever


  • Can't schedule uploads


ForkLift is a fast file manager with an attractive interface, which makes handling FTP uploads and downloads very easy.

Version 2 has been updated so that it's faster, more reliable with several new features to make FTP transfers easier. Forklift maintains the same dual pane interface, which lets you view two different folders at once. The bottom pane of the interface has all the details on the file you select.

ForkLift lets you select your favorite devices and you can also use its search box to find specific files faster. There are also several handy editing tools, which allow you to batch rename files, split or create an archive. Connecting to a server is also pretty straightforward. ForkLift gives you a choice of FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and even includes Amazon S3 and Bluetooth.

There's much to discover in the new ForkLift but highlights include Disklets, Synclets, new view modes, transfer queue, improved archive handling, new search modes and filters (with RegExp), improved Sync, Stacks, integrated favorite manager, improved Multi-Rename, Workspaces and more. The most significant improvement however is pure speed - Forklift is quicker than ever.

If there's one thing missing from ForkLift however its the ability to schedule uploads - great if you handle a large amount of files.

ForkLift makes for an excellent file manager, thanks to a friendly dual pane interface, good editing tools and simple connection settings.


  • Signed by Developer ID for Gatekeeper on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Fixed the issue of the "FXP copy to" command being always disabled.
  • Volumes with nobrowse flag no longer appear under devices.
  • Fixes an issue of pemission errors during copy would not be reported.
  • Fixes some issues with FTP servers behind firewalls.
  • Fixes a scrollbar issue in column view.
  • Fixes the bug that prevented opening applications in column view by double-click.
  • Fixed "Make symlink" command for SFTP.
  • Fixes the issue of the path navigator not responding on Retina MBPs.
  • Fixed gesture support.
  • Fixes some filename encoding issues in the Sync engine.
  • Fixes the backspace key not working in icon view.
  • Fixes the drag and drop support in keyboard selection mode.
  • Fixes the "Invert selection" command.
  • Slow double-click initiates renaming in column view.
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

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ForkLift 2.5.4

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